Poland is located in the cetre of the European continent. The following coordinates denote the location:

-> 54o 50'N North

-> 49o00'N South

-> 14o07'E West

-> 24o08'E East.


Political system: Republic

Capital: Warsaw, 1.7 million inhabitants

Currency: 1 złoty / 100 groszy

Area of Poland: 312 651 tyś km2

Population: 38 655 million

International organisations memberships: NATO, OECD, European Union (May 2004)

Religions: 91% Catholic, 1.5% Orthodox, 1% Protestant, 6.5% others

GPD per capita: $4000

Poland is a low lying country, mean height above sea level is 173m

Highest point: Rysy in the Tantras 2499m

Lowest point: Żuławy -1.8m

Longest river: Wisła (Vistula) 1092km

Usage of lands:

cultivation lands - 48%, meadows and pastures - 13%, forests - about 28%, other - about 11%

Climate: moderate with tendencies towards considerable seasonal fluctuations in consecutive years.